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Enforced time at home doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Here are some initiatives and events for you to take part in or have fun with at home.

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Museum + Galleries

Museums and galleries often have an impressive online presence including numerous virtual tours.

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Theatres may have gone dark but there are still plenty of ways to access quality musicals, plays and operas.

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Now’s the time to dust off your sewing machine or learn how to paint. Here is a selection of resources for you to develop your creative skills and talent whilst social distancing or self-isolating.

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In addition to all the e-books out there, here are some other literary resources to keep you entertained.

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Films + TV

In addition to all the streaming services already out there, here are some other resources for watching films + TV online.

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Create, play or to listen to live music from the comfort of your living room.

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Other fun ideas to keep little critters occupied and engaged.

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Virtual Travel

You might not be able to travel on a plane, boat or train for the foreseeable but the following all take you on a virtual travel journey without leaving your sofa!

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